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  Task Master

Significantly, our one-off instruments are built in cases, not slotted inside a computer. This allows us room to innovate and adapt to your requirements. Since our incorporation in 1985 we have designed and built one-offs. All design, manufacturing and software is done in-house enabling us to go from concept to fully tested instrument in a very short time. Utilising our extensive library of electronic designs and software we find that most requests for a unique instrument simply need an adaptation of an existing instrument thus keeping the costs low.

Our name for these one-offs is Task Master, in the sense that the instrument is not the Jack of all Trades but the Master of One. They do not have to be computer controlled, but they can be. They can be as simple as a battery powered reference electrode buffer or as complicated as an ultrasonic nuclear reactor tube monitoring system. They do not even have to be electronic, we also design probes and cells.

Please do contact us with your ideas, we genuinely love to make new systems. On really big systems it is quite common for the customer to visit us about 3/4 of the way into the project to ensure that everything is fine, this is a good time to make software changes and incorporate new ideas. It also makes a great excuse to come and visit our lovely part of the English Lake District.

All ACM Instruments, the Task Masters included, come with a two year warranty which may, at low cost, be increased to five years for peace of mind.

If you wish to purchase a Task Master, discuss options, or perhaps request a quote please phone, email or fax Ray Gill, he's always ready to help.

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