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Six channel automated potentiostat

12 channel automated potentiostat

Designed for the research and development laboratory these two instruments offer power, precision and performance. Housed in a modern 19" size case in contrasting white and grey, with brushed anodised aluminium front panel, they take pride of place in any laboratory. To reinforce the professional image, cell connections are made via military grade 5105 connectors. These are both attractive and very functional, immediately identifying the instrument as a serious piece of equipment.


Based around a Two Ampere Potentiostat teamed with a Two Ampere Zero Resistance Ammeter, supplied in two main varieties - 8 channel, with eight sequential channels or 12 channel (twelve sequential channels). Connection to the controlling Windows PC is via a standard RS232 port, optically isolated for full floating operation. All cables are included, the software is provided on a CD, and a tough splash proof manual accompanies each instrument.

We have made the Gill 12 for over 10 years, constantly improving it. The heart of the instrument is now a Digital Signal Processor for faster AC and better mains signal rejection. The 13 decades of current are measured by a 24 bit ADC as is the reference electrode voltage. This precision is retained even during rapid logging, for example Current and Voltage at 60 samples per second. The software includes all corrosion and electrochemical tests both DC and AC, IR Compensation, our unique test Sequencer and Analysis.

These instruments are the preferred choice of corrosion and electrochemistry laboratories around the world. Multiple cells speed up testing and increase reproducibility. Our new two year warranty is included with every ACM Instrument, this may be extended to five years at low cost.

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