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 Image Gill AC BI-STAT

We have designed our new BI-STAT to be far more versatile than the normal bi-potentiostats you are likely to encounter.

Two independent and isolated Gill AC Instruments that can be run independently, even in the same cell.
Operated together including our High Speed Sweeps software (see the Gill AC range page for details)
Operating together in a single cell with one Auxiliary, one Reference and two working electrodes in the following modes:


a) Ability to monitor the galvanic current  flowing between two test electrodes, WE1 and WE 2 at a rate of 50 readings per second, which act as if they are coupled by wire. Polarisations can be applied to the two test electrodes at the same time and the current response monitored from both WE 1 and WE2.
b) As a), except with the ability to apply an offset DC polarisation between WE1 and WE2. Polarisations can then be applied to the offset couple and the resultant current  response obtained from both electrodes.
c) The ability to apply quite different polarisations to the two test electrodes at the same time.

The BI-STAT is available in a standard Gill AC sized unit or as a rack mountable unit.

[Bi-Stat Datasheet]



Gill AC Musketeer

When more than two simultaneous channels are required we can supply rack mountable Gill AC units which combine to make extremely flexible instruments.

    • Use it as a rack of full individual Gill AC potentiostats.
    • Use it as a high-spec weld tester, simultaneously measuring all weld components.
    • Add a high speed sweep option which applies to all channels.
    • Add further Gill AC instruments at a later date.
    • Up to 16 channels can be controlled by one PC.
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