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This instrument is at home on the laboratory bench or out in the field. Provided with an internal lead-acid battery and mains charger the LPR Meter is a truly portable corrosion monitoring system. Using the well proven and liked method of Linear Polarisation Resistance to determine the corrosion rate the instrument is ideal for day to day testing.

Housed in a modern slim-line case with carrying handle and brushed aluminium front panel the LPR Meter looks professional, ideal for impressing clients and management.

The corrosion rate is shown on the centrally mounted LCD display, for confidence an accurate test cell is built into the front panel, simply plug the coiled test lead into the test cell socket and start the test, one minute later the result is obtained on the LCD. Two mpy ranges, 2 or 3 electrode, flush or standard probe and corrosion rate or pitting factor are provided on the front panel switches. To enable use with remote monitoring systems or data loggers two useful outputs are provided, 4-20 mA and 0-10 Volts reflecting the LCD display.
A Dual Channel Linear Polarisation Meter is a two channel instrument for measuring Linear Polarisation Resistance on a continuous basis. It can operate with either two or three electrode LPR probes. We custom build these instruments to the customer's requirements. They can thus be pre-calibrated for a specified electrode area have a specified range and have either Voltage or 4-20mA current outputs for measurement of the result. Typically the instrument is designed to operate with 4.5cm2 electrodes and have a 0-2 Volt output covering a range from 0-200 mpy.

A dedicated and nicely proportioned instrument, a good seller, well priced and popular.

All ACM Instruments come with a two year warranty which may, at low cost, be increased to five years for peace of mind.

Full specifications LPR Meter Datasheet

If you wish to purchase an LPR Meter, discuss options, or perhaps request a quotation please phone, email or fax Ray Gill, he's always ready to help.

Optional Extras

  • Dual Channel
  • 5 Year Warranty
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