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Localised Corrosion Monitoring (LCM™)

The effect of a Localised Corrosion event can be seen in the form of a transient in either the Voltage or Current data. Significant transients can last from a fraction of a second to several days. This technique analyses such transients and converts them into charge and subsequent metal loss by a variety of methods. This document is split into three parts:-

Simplified method of quantifying transients in inhibited mild steel systems.

Simplified methods of quantifying transients in passive metal systems.

A wander through the science of Ohm's and Kirchoff's Laws relating to Localised Corrosion Monitoring (LCM™) in passive metal and inhibited systems .

LCM software can be used to analyse data obtained by non ACM instruments in an ASCII format. It can be purchased separately and does not need to be purchased with an ACM Instrument. For data that is obtained with a non-ACM Instrument, it is necessary to have a license for each channel data is obtained with.

In addition to the articles above, our partners at Baker Petrolite, J. Moloney, W. Mok, and C. Menendez, have written a paper on LCM, titled "In Situ Assessment of Pitting Corrosion and Its Inhibition Using a Localised Corrosion Monitoring Technique". The paper was published in the June 2010 edition of Corrosion and a PDF version can be downloaded here.

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