About ACM

ACM Instruments was founded in the Summer of 1985.  Using a common background of physics and electrochemistry at UMIST John and Ray Gill (having designed electronic warfare solutions at Racal) formed Applied Corrosion Monitoring Ltd. Initial products were manual potentiostats and ZRAs generally acknowledged to be less easy to perfect than computer controlled equipment (where a trims file can hide a multitude of sins) and established our reputation in the precision end of the market.

The quality of our instrumentation has always been of utmost importance, working with our customers and improving them all the time.  Basics of all our instrumentation is a floating potentiostat and ZRA in a shielded enclosure and a shielded power supply. We even give our plastic boxed instruments (such as our field machine) a special conductive coating to shield from those outside interferences.

Build our potentiostats in to noisy PCs, no, not us. We may build a PC into our instrument (separately screened, naturally) and by adding internet connection either via a LAN, phone line or mobile phone, our new internet control software gives you a reliable system, where data can be retrieved from any PC connected to the internet, giving you the ability to change your test parameters without leaving your office (or home).

Our telephones are often answered by one or other of the directors. No one is more committed to the products and good name of a company than the owners of the business. We like to experiment ourselves and love to hear the results of your tests. Good old fashioned politeness and genuine care for customers are the rule not the exception. Pick up the phone or send an e-mail to  and give us a try or why not take a trip to the Lakes and visit us.

Ray Gill - Managing Director

John Gill - Technical Director

A comical look back at two ACM adverts created in 1989. Technology has marched on quite a bit since then, although the message hasn't changed much:


Painted Samples